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The Leon's Tradition...
In the Spring of 1947, Leon's of Oshkosh opened its doors and started serving the public our fresh frozen custard and homemade sandwiches.  Friendly carhops greeted you as you drove into our lot to be served.

As we celebrate our 57th anniversary, we are proud to say  that we have preserved that 50's atmosphere.  We strive daily to serve the highest quality products, give super service, and keep prices reasonable.  We greatly appreciate you, our loyal customers.  Your patronage is a key to our continued success.  Another key is our employee's.  Their hard work and dedication is evident daily. 

We hope we can make your Leon's visit pleasantly memorable.  Please let us know how we are doing, your comments are important to us.


God Bless,

Christine & Michael Schraa

"Oshkosh restaurants making old new again..."
Leon's at 121 W. Murdock is the nostalgic granddaddy at age 57 and is only two years younger than the famous Milwaukee Leon's that inspired the drive-in concept for "Happy Days", a TV series based on 1950's life in Milwaukee.

The youngsters who came here 50 years ago are now grandparents bringing their grandchildren - and probably reminiscing with them.  The drive-in, still serving patrons with carhops, has the original menu - joosburgers (a special recipe sloppy joe style sandwich), hot dogs, hot beef and chili dog's.  They're not fried or grilled; they're still steam cooked.

"Our menu hasn't changed in 50 years.  We haven't  had to be like a McDonald's or a Hardee's and Burger King."  We believe the carhops are a nice alternative to drive thru.  They work well because patrons need only drive up and turn off their engines, and relax.  "People love coming to our place and just sitting and watching people."  "We've even seen families come in groups and bring lawn chairs for sitting and watching."

(...excerpted and edited from the Oshkosh Northwestern)

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